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This Wikia database contains information about the Grove Family of the United States; originating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the year 1696. We are descendants of Swiss-American immigrant Hans Graf(1661-1794). However, the database focuses on the descendants of James William Grove(1885-1962) and is centric to the southern Indiana branch of the Grove family.

There are many names that our family has had over the years, and they include but are not limited to:

Grove • de Grove • Graaf • Græff • de Græff • Groff • Graf?

op den Græff • van de Graff • van de Graaf • ab dem Graben?

von Graben • von Graben zum Stein • d’Orsini • di Orsini?

des Ursins • de Ursini • de Ursinii • Ursinorum • Ursus • Ursinus

The database has information pertaining mostly to people and places. As we gather more information -- putting together the puzzle and creating a clearer image -- be sure to check back regularly!

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